When John Abraham’s gift Bipasha Basu revealed this Thing actress in her past interview

Even though today actress Bipasha Basu is leading a happy married life with her husband Karan Singh Grover, there was a time when Bipasha and John Abraham’s affair was discussed in the Bollywood corridors. Both of them worked together in many films like ‘Jism’, ‘Etbar’, ‘Madhoshi’, ‘Gol’. Both hit onscreen chemistry as well as offscreen chemistry but both broke up after a 9-year long relationship.

John and Bipasha were very happy with each other and wanted to get married. The two never hid their relationship from the media. On the other hand, during an interview in 2005, Bipasha herself talked about her and John’s relationship, stating that on her birthday, John gave her a treadmill as a gift, as she gained a lot of weight. Was.

Bipasha said in the interview, “Bengali food made me a bit fat. I was constantly working in films one after the other, due to which I could not concentrate on myself. I gained a lot of weight due to lack of discipline. Then I realized that I do not want to see myself like that. You learn from your mistakes, now I workout. You can say that I cannot live without a workout. ‘

Bipasha also said, “Some credit goes to John as well, because he knows I don’t have time. That’s why he gave me a treadmill as a birthday present, so that I could workout at home . John is very positive, I need a mature partner like him. ‘While John Abraham and Bipasha Basu were in a relationship for 9 years. Then the two had a breakup in 2014. John then married Priya Runchal and Bipasha in 2016. Married to Karan Singh Grover.

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