When Bollywood actress Sunny Leone saved the life of a poster farmer

A farmer lives in a village in Andhra Pradesh. Which is named Chenchu ​​Reddy. Chenchu ​​owns 10 acres of land. A friend advised him that you have a big plot. Grow good vegetables and grow paddy and wheat crops in it and earn big profits. Chenchu ​​grew vegetables on 10 acres of land with government loans, but they were affected by insects, ruining the Chenchu ​​crop. Somehow the loan amount came out. However, Chenchu ​​did not give up as he understood that the vegetable crop was very profitable.

The next year, Chenchu ​​Reddy grew vegetables again, but this time also did not leave insects. Not only this, he went to a Baba, then he told Chenchu ​​that your crop has caught the eye of iron. Chenchu ​​also planted the fields to protect the crop from evil eyes, but to no avail. Then one day Chenchu ​​told a friend about this problem and he said that only one celebrity can save your crop from evil eye and that is Sunny Leone.

Chenchu ​​had no idea who Sunny Leone was. The friend showed a picture of Sunny Leone on her mobile. The next day Chenchu ​​and his friend went to Hyderabad and made a big flax poster of Sunny Leone in a red bikini in Telugu words – ‘Hey don’t cry if you envy me’, and keep it outside your farm. The idea of ​​Chenchu’s friend worked, whoever passed would not only see the fields, but would also see Sunny’s poster. In this way, the crop of Chanchu was saved from view.

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