When Bollywood actor Sunny Deol slaps his younger brother Bobby Deol

The pair of Deol brothers is a superhit not only on screen but also in real life. Here we are talking about superstar Sunny Deol and his younger brother Bobby Deol. Sunny is very much in love with her brother Bobby Deol. The two have often been seen supporting each other, but few people know that Sunny once even raised a hand against his beloved brother and this has happened in real life, not during the shooting of a film.

In fact, during an interview in 2005, Bobby Deol mentioned, “I was just 11 years old at the time, I wasn’t studying properly and my tuition teacher complained to my brother.” I still remember when he slapped me. They never laid hands on me after that. ‘

Bobby also said that Sunny does not like to share her clothes with anyone. But Bobby wore his clothes. He said, “I remember I was in 10th grade and for my farewell party I took it out of my brother’s wardrobe and wore green jeans, a green shirt and a leather tie.”

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