When Anjana Safar’s actress set Rekha forcefully kissed on Biswajeet

The actress who taught millions of hearts to beats through her acting and acting in the 70s and 80s is Rekha, but Rekha’s film journey has not been easy at all. Rekha’s entire life was like a struggle. Father’s love was not found in childhood. I had to work in films, although I did not want to. Tried to settle down, but could not find what he loved.

Talking about his career, in 1969, Rekha and Vishwajit were working in the film ‘Anjana Safar’. A kiss scene was to be filmed in this film. When Rekha was told about this, she panicked and panicked and refused, but with great difficulty Rekha agreed to do the scene after the film team refused.

When the scene between Rekha and Vishwajit Dada began to be filmed, Rekha was such a housewife that fear was visible on her face. Due to which the scenes were hung again and again. Rekha fainted due to repeated racket running. This is the first time in Hindi cinema that a heroine fainted because of a kissing scene. The word spread like wildfire in the media and a controversy arose about the film even before its release.

The film has been sent to the censor board, asking him to remove this kissing scene from the film ‘Anjana Safar’. The film got hanged in this affair. Then the film was released in 1979 under the name ‘Doh Shikari’, not after 1-2 years but in full ten years later.

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