When Amitabh Bachchan’s song rained with Rekha, Holi color in Mahafil

Bollywood’s most beautiful actress Rekha still makes people crazy with her good looks. Even today people love Rekha as much as she did in her film career. Even today her style and beauty has not diminished. Let me tell you, even though the whole world today knows Rekha by this name, but her real name is ‘Bhanurekha Ganesan’.

These days, an exhausting video of Rekha is being seen quite a lot on social media, in which she is seen singing the song Rang Barse of Amitabh Bachchan very easily.

In fact, the video is an old video of Kapil Sharma’s show when Rekha entered Kapil’s show as a guest. Rekha sang the colors, which included Kapil Sharma and Judge Navjot Singh. While Rekha is seen playing the harmonium with one hand in the video, she is seen singing ‘Rang Barse’ with the other hand. Kapil Sharma and Navjot Singh Sidhu are also not tired of praising him for his singing.

This old video of Rekha has been viewed more than 55 thousand times till now. This video of Rekha is from Kapil Sharma’s old show Comedy Nights with Kapil, where the actress is seen singing on a special occasion of Holi. Sharing this video, RJ Syma wrote, ‘Legend Rekha is singing’ Rang Barse ‘. Kapil Sharma, thank you very much for giving me this special moment. Happy Holi to all of you. ‘

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