Watch videos, tips shared by actress Bhagya Sri to reduce stress in Kovid-19 separation

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> Daily cases of Kovid-19 infection have intensified the second wave. Oxygen cylinders, remediesvir and ventilators have been reduced in hospitals due to the increasing number of patients. It is natural to be deprived of death. In such a situation, actress Bhagya Sri inadvertently untied the entire health tip. The claim is ‘it will take your mind away from feeling more anxious’. & Nbsp;

He shared a video on his social media handle, as is his regular practice every Tuesday. In the video, actresses are shown revealing some useful measures that help mental or physical health. & nbsp;

They said, "After extreme fatigue and recovery during Kovid-19, and RLM; Body aches can actually make it very difficult for you to stay mentally strong during isolation."

Suggesting a solution to defeat his fans, he insisted, "Mix about 10-15 drops of eucalyptus oil in coconut oil and use it on your hands and feet before going to sleep in the morning and night."
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Explaining the health benefits of this tip, Bhagya Shree elaborated "Eucalyptus oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress. It also clears the airways of your lungs, making it easier to breathe. Its extract also gives relief to your nose and throat."

The actor insisted, "This is something I do regularly. Being able to reduce body pain is possible for you to stop your mind from feeling more anxious. So try this simple tip."


Drinking hot water again and again can also be a problem, here are 5 major disadvantages.

Eucalyptus oil also disinfects wounds, lowers blood sugar, calms mouth ulcers and refreshes the breath. Apart from being used medicinally for common diseases and conditions, its diluted form can also be used to treat arthritis and skin ulcers. & nbsp;

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