Watch this amazing video when Nora Fatehi danced in the Holi ceremony

After coming to India, Nora Fatehi is trying to paint completely in desi color. She is not only learning Hindi, but is also trying to know the culture of India, so she is very interested in the festivals here. When it comes to Holi, who would not want to be exposed to this colorful festival? And Nora Fatehi did not miss this opportunity. Nora’s fans shared a throwback video of Holi celebrations on Instagram, in which the dancers are seen giving great performances.

Dance queen performed dance spell on Holi

Everyone is convinced of Nora’s dance and when Holi comes, the fun doubles when there is a dance with colors, gulal, lots of water. And the same thing happened on Holi, whose throwback video has been shared by the fans of Nora. Nora is seen dancing on stage. And the fans are also enjoying it.

This video of Nora is quite old but this Holi has once again gone viral on social media. Fans have shared two videos of Nora one after the other. In which Nora’s banging dance and happiness can be seen on her face.

Nora openly celebrates Holi

Nora told a forum that her parents are from Morocco, Nora was born in Canada and is a citizen of India at heart. This is why Nora loves everything about India. Be it food, clothing or fasting festival. Nora celebrates openly from Diwali to Holi. And indeed India lives in his heart.

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