Vikrant Massey infected with corona virus Despite the precautions Vikrant Massey became infected with corona virus, he said

Mumbai: Across the country, Corona has reached its peak once again. Increasing numbers are becoming a matter of concern for the people of the country. From the general public, Bollywood stars are being found infected with corona on a daily basis. The artists now infected with Corona are Vikrant Massey.

Actor Vikrant Massey told via his social media platform that his investigation report confirmed corona virus infection. Vikrant said that he has isolated himself at home. The 33-year-old, Vikrant, said through his Instagram handle that people who had come in contact with him in the past should be investigated and kept a distance from people until the report came.

Massey, who worked in the “Mirzapur” web series, wrote that despite taking precautionary measures, he got infected during the shooting. He wrote, “Despite the necessary precautions during the shooting, my investigation has confirmed corona infection. I have crushed myself. Anyone who has come in contact with me in the last few days should be investigated as soon as possible. ”

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