Vikas Gupta of Bigg Boss 14 gave gift jewelry to Rakhi Sawant

Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta has re-entered Bigg Boss 14 after recovering. The popular development called Mastermind came into the house as a challenge and brought some new twists. He had a feud with several contestants at home. He also fought with many people including Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant. But Rakhi Sawant and her have a very good relationship over the past several episodes.

Vikas and Rakhi are behaving like siblings. After re-entering, he brought a box for Rakhi Sawant which contained jewelery. This attitude of development towards Rakhi Sawant is winning the hearts of people. The development team shared a video on Instagram. In this video we can see that Vikas gives Rakhi a box and says that she deserves it.

Rakhi gives jewelery to Vikas

In the video, Vikas gives Rakhi a box of jewels. At this Rakhi asks him, “You have brought for me”. Vikas says, “You used to say I don’t have jewelry.” Rakhi gets emotional saying, “Nobody ever brought anything for me.” Vikas tells them, “You work very hard, work very hard, do it for yourself, do it for the show. Looks like a man.”

Watch the emotional video of Rakhi Sawant and Vikas Gupta here

Rakhi embraces development

“Some things have to be kept in mind,” says Vikas. After this Rakhi becomes very emotional and starts crying. Vikas silences them and Rakhi happily takes the box. Vikas then opens the box and shows them wearing an earring. So Rubina comes and praises the earrings. Rakhi is very happy and embraces Vikas.

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