Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection: After 44 crores on the first day, Pawan Kalyan’s film earned how many crores on the second day

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> With the resurgence of the corona virus epidemic in the country, the number of theaters in many states has halved. Like, there are no major film releases in theaters. The film ‘Waqil Saab’ starring Telugu star Pawan Kalyan has been released in theaters in many states of South India, some other parts of the country and around the world.

‘Waqil Saab’ was released on last Friday i.e. 9th April. The film did a business of Rs 44 crore in its opening day. This is the first film in the country to earn so much on Opening Day this year. No major star and production company in Bollywood and Tollywood wants to release films during this epidemic. But Pawan Kalyan showed that he has many fans.

Earned crores of rupees on the second day & nbsp;

Even in this era of epidemic, people are going to watch his comeback film. Talking about the earnings of the second day of the film, ‘Waqil Saab’ has done a business of about 11 crores. ‘Vakil Saab’ is mainly in theaters in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It has been released on 2 thousand screens worldwide. But in these two states, lawyer Saab is facing a tough competition. & nbsp;

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