Unknown facts of the life of Bollywood actress Hema Malini

Hindi cinema’s Dream Girl Hema Malini still has millions of fans. He made his acting debut in several films in the 70s and 80s. On the other hand, one day in the year 1979, when Hema Malini reached home in the evening, the famous producer Prem ji was sitting at his house with some scripts. Prem ji was trying to make a film with Hema for many years. Hema did not like her story all the time and so did this time. We all know that Hema Malini is a great devotee of Lord Krishna, that’s why Hema Malini left to keep the heart of Prem ji and said that if you make a film on ‘Meera’, I will definitely work with you.

Prem ji took it seriously and went to Gulzar the next day and asked him to write a story on ‘Meera’. When Prem ji approaches Hema with the story, he had no choice but to reject the offer. Shooting of ‘Meera’ started, but due to the film being over budget, its shooting had to be stopped midway. When Hema Malini came to know about this, she called Prem ji and said that ‘I am doing this film not for money but because of love for Lord Krishna. Whatever you give me for this film, I will keep it. You start shooting ‘.

With this, Prem ji decided that he would pay money to Hema Malini as per days. You will be surprised to know that Hema has kept all the money that she had taken for that film till date. Of all those envelopes, he has not spent a single penny. Hema Malini says, ‘This is an offering to Lord Krishna and she always wants to keep it with her’.

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