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Among the comedians of Hindi cinema who were given more money than the hero of the film, his name was Mehmood. Mahmud’s father Mumtaz Ali was addicted to alcohol, causing his entire family to face many troubles. Not only this, his entire family was once locked in a hotel room. Mahmud’s father owned a dance company, in which his family members worked with some artists.

Because of his alcoholism, Mahmud’s father would often come to the show and fall on the stage. Gradually this bad habit started affecting his work. Once in Calcutta he caught two shows at the same time. Taking advances from both, Mahmud’s father wasted money on liquor. When the show was already running, the organizer of the second show came to know and reached there with the police. Police arrested Mumtaz Ali Khan and took him to the police station. The hotel where Mehmood and his family stayed was also found out. When Mahmood and his family arrived after finishing the show, the hoteliers felt that they would run away without paying any money. Because of this, his entire family was locked in a hotel room and told that they would not let him out until they paid.

At that time, Mahmud was accompanied by his wife Madhu, who was pregnant. Mahmood told the hotel manager, “I have to arrange for the money to free my father from the police, so let him go out. After much persuasion, the hoteliers allowed Mahmud to go out alone. Going outside, Mahmood met the show’s organizer, took the money and released his father and asked him to go to the railway station. When he returned to the hotel, Mahmud used his wife’s labor pan on the pretext of letting him out. The rest of the companions also went on top of each other wearing hotels in the guise of hunger. His empty suitcase stayed in the hotel. Troubled by his father’s prohibition, Mahmud vowed never to drink liquor.

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