This is Nusrat Bharucha’s diet plan, how to keep yourself fit and slim

Diet Plan- Bollywood actress Nusrat Bharucha started her film career with the film ‘Pyaar Ka Panchnama’. Nusrat then garnered public attention with his performances in several films. Nusrat also takes great care of his fitness. She works hard and dieting. What you eat and how much workouts you do throughout the day have a huge impact on your health and fitness. Nusrat has shared his diet plan, in which he has shared his entire routine. Know their fitness secret …

Start of the day- Actress Nusrat Bharucha drinks apple cider vinegar in hot water at the beginning of her day. If it does not, she drinks warm water and lemon or warm water with collagen.

According to celebrity nutritionist Nikhil Vats, ‘Nusrat Bharucha’s diet is largely a balanced diet capable of providing the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to the body. Waking up in the morning and drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water helps a lot in lowering your insulin levels. Also it helps a lot in balancing the pH level of our digestive system. Those suffering from acidity should drink apple cider vinegar this morning. ‘

Breakfast- For breakfast, Nusrat likes a smoothie made from fruits, oats and almond milk, or prefers home-made upanas or idlis. Nusrat loves his mother’s hand-made upma.

Breakfast- Morning snacks include crackers, seed crackers, avocado mash sandwiches with brown bread or crackers with humus and salsa. Also they love protein cookies.

Lunch- At lunch, Nusrat eats multigrain flour bread or ragi and millet bread. In the mine, the mother eats hand-made vegetables, a bowl of lentils and cucumbers, carrots, tomato salad.

Breweries Nusrat loves juice a lot. She drinks all types of juices, including mixed fruit juices and green vegetable juices.

dinner- Nusrat has recently left Nonvez. Now she only eats vegetarian food. For dinner she eats tofu or cheese salad. In which she prepares it with mushrooms, bok choy and broccoli. Make a salad with green capsicum, yellow capsicum and green vegetables as well. Nusrat does not eat bread, lentils or rice at night.

According to celebrity nutritionist Nikhil Vats, ‘If you want to lose weight, you should eat paneer or tofu at night. Carbs trigger your fat burning hormone. Which is insulin. Be sure to include vegetable soup in your diet. Vegetables give you all the vitamins, minerals and also control many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Suit- Nusrat likes all kinds of sweets anyway. But they always like cheesecakes, brownies.

To eat dry grapes Nusrat took roasted dry fruits for munging. Whenever they feel hungry, they eat dry fruits. It also calms the hunger and dry fruits are also very good for health. He also likes protein bars and cookies.

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