The Kapil Sharma Show When Sapna and Bacha Yadav Started the Show

The Kapil Sharma show is currently off air but people are very excited about the show. This is the reason why people get punished for their lives and laughter even after watching videos of old episodes. In one episode, Sapna and Bachchan Yadav appear together, opening the front and shouting slogans. The demand to re-start The Kapil Sharma Show would have made a lot of laughter if Bharti Singh, Krishna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda and Sumona were on stage.

All four actors on stage

In the video, Bharti and Kiku Sharada are coming on stage for the first time in their respective roles chanting slogans to start the Kapil Sharma Show. Shortly thereafter, Sumona, in the role of Krishna and Bhuri in the role of Sapna, also come on stage and they also start shouting slogans after coming on stage. And then Kapil Sharma’s entry on the set. In this case, the comedy is doubled.

Video is after lockdown

This video is from the first episode after the lockdown. The show was called off during the lockout for four months. But when the show started after the lockdown, there was a lot of fun and a lot of fuss. And this video belongs to the same link. By the way, let me tell you that the show ran for a few months after the lockdown, the show has been off air since February. The show was called off for a few months due to film releases and guest issues. But it is now reported that the show may resume in May.

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