The Kapil Sharma Show Sapna Is Ready Like Singer Usha Uthup Style

In Kapil Sharma’s show, no matter what guests come, one thing is guaranteed and that is laughter. There is a lot of laughter here. This is the reason why people like to watch this show in this stressful life. There was such a fun atmosphere when singer Usha Uthup arrived on the show. On the other hand, when Sapna reached the stage, Usha was shocked to see Usha and the fun doubled when Sapna reached her forehead with a big dot of singer style.

Had a lot of fun on set

Singer Usha Uthup has a unique style of grooming. She comes wearing a cotton sari with big bindi on her forehead. On the other hand, when Sapna came to know that this time the guests on the show are Usha ji, she too reached the stage with a dot in her style. And then there was a lot of fun and blast on the stage. But the extent was reached when Sapna revealed the countless benefits of that dot. Sapna recounted that when she came to Mumbai, during her time of struggle, she slept wearing this bindi and had been eating this biscuit for many years.

On the other hand, Usha Uthup was also very happy to see the dream and praised it a lot. He

This show of Kapil is very much a hit

Kapil Sharma’s show is very popular among the people. This is the reason why people still like to watch videos of it even after it is off air. Fans are also demanding an early start of the show and a request from Kapil. Recently there was news that the show may resume in May. Although it has not been officially announced yet, preparations are in full swing to start the show soon.

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