The Kapil Sharma Show Farah Khan reached the set and gave Sapna a Main Who Na Massage

If you want to be happy, want to laugh, forget bad times, you can watch The Kapil Sharma Show. The peculiarity is that here you will get a dose of laughter. And it can be heavy to handle. There was such an era of comedy when Farah Khan reached the show and the life of the show i.e. Sapna came on stage.

Farah Khan was offered a massage

When Farah Khan arrived on The Kapil Sharma Show, there was a lot of fun on the set. Farah Khan herself is a very quick answer and that is why she is particularly known. This style was seen quite a lot after appearing in the show. But Farah’s speech also stopped when Sapna, the mistress of Sapna Beauty Parlor, came on stage. And then Sapna offered Farah Khan such a great massage that the listeners laughed and got a stomach ache. Especially I am not a massager. Now know for yourself what the merits of this massage are today.

Fans are waiting for the show

The show has been airing since February and fans are eagerly waiting for it to resume. The preparations for which have almost begun, recently it was reported that the show will be aired again in May. But given the increasing number of corona cases in Mumbai, this seems unlikely. Because the show was temporarily closed due to the Corona period. And now with the increase in cases in Mumbai, it seems that the show is not running at the moment

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