Tarak Mehta’s Olat Chashma Chashma Episodes Popatlal Got Angry, Did Mehta Sahab steal the mango box?

Popatlal is dying for his wedding in Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma (Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma). They have been married many times and 12 years have passed since then. Now once again Popatlal has a chance to get married. Calling from the front, a girl called Popatlal to meet her, which made her very happy, but it seems that this time also Popatlal will not climb on the mare, play the clarinet and the bride will not come. We are saying this because once again there has been a complete mess and the parrot’s hopes are being watered down.

Mango box spoiled the whole game

Popatlal ordered an online gift for a girl named Pooja, but the gift was replaced with a common belt. On the other hand, when Popatlal arrived in the society to change that gift, his mango box suddenly disappeared from there. Now until Popatlal gets a box of mangoes, he will not even get his gift. That is why now Popatlal sometimes fights to break the belt, sometimes Dr. Arrived at the elephant’s house but found nothing. But now he suspects Tarak Mehta and he is looking for mangoes at home with Anjali Bhabhi

Has Mehta stolen a mango box?

Now the question is whether it is Mehta who stole the mango cans of Popatlal? Or is there someone else behind it. In fact, when Mehta Saheb’s house was discovered by Popatlal, Sodhi and Anjali Bhabhi, Namkeen Namkeen and two mangoes emerged from there and for this reason everyone’s suspicion has deepened on Tarak Mehta that it is probably he who has the mango box Was stolen. . Well, the real thief is Tarak Mehta or someone else, it will be known soon but Popatlal fears that his marriage may be spoiled.

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