Tarak Mehta’s Averted Chashma recently messed with Poptal at the last minute

It seems that this time in Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses (Tarak Mehta’s inverted glasses), it will become a matter of Popatlal. Understand that his house is going to be settled soon. A girl has escaped from Popatlal, calling and calling to meet Popatlal, but what the hell… Popatlal has suffered a major setback even before he leaves home. Because like every time, there is a big mess this time too.

Gifts are replaced by mangoes

What really happened is that Popatlal is going to meet a girl named Pooja. And everyone knows that Popatlal starts flying in the air as soon as he hears about the wedding. When a girl named Pooja called her to meet her, Popatlal did not like to go empty-handed and ordered a great online gift. The gift has already arrived and Popatlal was about to take her out when she suspected something and when the parcel was checked, her senses were blown away as beauty products were replaced in the parcel.

What will Popatlal do now?

The gifts given to the girl have gone mango in the parcel but now what Popatlal will do. Because he has to go to meet Pooja at the earliest and the gift is leaked here. Well, if something happens in Gokuldham and something goes wrong, it cannot happen. So this time the situation is getting worse, but every time the situation gets worse, the people of Gokuldham also know how to improve. Now it will have to be seen how Popatlal gets out of this trouble and will this time bring a wedding gift in Popatlal’s life? Will Popatlal really ride a horse?

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