Sunny Leone’s new video went viral on Instagram in which she is advising Spark to be alive together

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has a worldwide fan following. Sunny is often trending on Instagram due to her content. She often shares funny videos and photos on social media. These relate to his personal life. She shares everything with her fans from her boxing skills to keeping her relationship always energetic. Now a new video of him has surfaced.

Sunny’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that he has 45.3 million followers on Instagram. In this, Sunny Leone is giving tips to her fans to keep the relationship alive forever. In the video, he wrote, ’10 years together, 5 ways to keep the spark alive. ‘In this, she is advising’ keep talking ‘,’ date night ‘,’ cooking together ‘,’ laughing at each other ‘and’ encouraging each other ‘

Fans are also liking these tips from Sunny Leone. This is the reason why this video of him is also going viral. Sunny looks gorgeous in the video. Sunny’s dance in yellow top and jeans has now become an internet sensation. Sharing the video, he wrote, “Together with Infinity, it was shot in my house and with a Kovid-19 security measure.”

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber were married in 2011 and last month celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. During this, Daniel gave Sunny a diamond necklace. He shared the video on his Instagram and thanked Daniel for the gift. Sunny has also told about her meeting with Daniel in several interviews. He had told that the two first met in the US, where he fell in love.

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