Sunil Grover faces Kapil Dev with joy

You must have seen Sunil Grover in many incarnations till date, sometimes he laughs people by becoming Shah Rukh Khan, sometimes he entertains people in another character. Something similar happened when Sunil arrived in a show as ‘Fake Kapil Dev’. The real Kapil Dev was also present during this and he could not stop laughing seeing Kapil’s style and gesture.

Sunil had imitated Kapil Dev in such a way that after some time Kapil’s eyes started laughing. At the beginning of the show, the anchor asks Sunil Grover, ‘Sir, how did you come here?’, To which Sunil Grover says, ‘Look Sameer, I came this way’. (In Kapil’s style, people stop laughing as soon as they hear the first dialogue).

When Kapil Dev started laughing after watching Sunil Grover's comedy, tears started flowing from his eyes.

After this Sunil further says, ‘If you talk on paper’. As Sunil says this, Kapil Dev again laughs loudly and tears come from his eyes. After which Kapil says, can I take his picture (of Sunil Grover who became a fake Kapil Dev) and an autograph?

In this video, Sunil Grover is seen explaining the specifics of driving in a very funny way in the style of cricket. Kapil could not stop laughing after listening to Sunil and almost throughout the video.

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