Sunil Grover extended Deepika Padukone’s fan following on Instagram, Deepika danced to ‘Ghoomar Ghoomar’

Bollywood actresses Deepika Padukone and Sunil Grover appeared in an award show. On the stage of the award show, Sunil Grover appears in imitation of Bollywood’s King Khan Shah Rukh Khan. Recently, a video has gone viral on the internet in which Sunil Grover is talking about increasing fans on Deepika’s Instagram account. Let me tell you, this video is from the Small Chili Awards. With this, Deepika Padukone was honored with the award and Sunil Growler was seen making an entry on Shahrukh Khan’s song.

In the video, Sunil Grover tells Aparshakti Khurana, “Let me introduce Deepika Padukone. We both get together and we support Kulbhushan a bit. Deepika asks what happens to Kulbhushan, which Sunil would say Are, “It happens, no two people collaborate on Mill’s social media. Deepika has 50 million fan followers on your Instagram and I have 7M. After which, Deepika gets ready to collaborate with Sunil. is. ‘

Sunil Grover said as soon as he came, ‘Deepika, why don’t we make videos. Increase your fan following by creating videos. Both are seen dancing to the song ‘Ghoomar Ghoomar’ from the film ‘Padmavati’. After this, both were seen dancing even after applying filters. With this, Sunil Grover was seen acting as Shahrukh on the song Om Shanti Om.

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