Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle Dance on Turmeric Festival Suket Virat Video

Well-known comedian Sugandha Sharma is in the news for her marriage these days. He made seven rounds with Sanket Bhosle on 26 April. After this, his wedding pictures are being seen quite a lot on social media. On the other hand, a video of the turmeric ceremony of Saket Bhosle and Sugandha Mishra has surfaced, in which the two are seen fighting fiercely. On the other hand, the fans are quite happy to see the bride and groom dancing so much in the joy of marriage.

Sanket Bhosle recently shared a video on his Instagram account. Which is turmeric ceremony. In this video, Sugandha Mishra looks beautiful wearing a yellow saree and floral jewelery while White is wearing a white kurta pajamas. It is seen in the video that as the drum starts to play, the signs do not stop themselves and they appear to break. At the same time Sugandha also dances lightly.

Sharing this video, Saket wrote- ‘Jado nache vyah wala munda’ … He has said in this post with hashtags like #suket #haldicerasion #missingfriends #familyonly #sugughamishra #bhangratime #jalander that this ceremony only Family is present. Was involved and he was missing friends. Let us tell you that both of them were married in Jalandhar. This style of fragrance and hints is very much liked by the fans. Everyone is seen praising the couple through comments.

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