South actor Vijay reached polling booth with his bicycle during Tamil Nadu 2021 election

Tamil actor Vijay’s fan followings cannot be denied. The superstar is also famous for his superb acting and popularity. Recently, the actor reached a polling station in Chennai to cast his vote. Voting was going on here for the Tamil Nadu elections 2021. Keeping this in mind, he left the house alone to cast his vote.

Meanwhile, Vijay covered his face with a green shirt and jeans. Discussions had begun about his arrival at the polling station, but when he arrived here by bicycle, the discussion spread quickly. While this can clearly be seen in the pictures and video going viral, the star was hitting the wheels of his bicycle and headed towards the polling station. Meanwhile, the crowd present on the spot went out of control.

Everyone was desperate to meet him and the actor’s bodyguards had to work hard to control the crowd. The actor’s popularity can be clearly seen as the way has also been cleared for security personnel.

Fans of the actor have also shared their photos from the polling station. One user tweeted, ‘Master Stroke Thalapathi Vijay has given a deep message as soon as he arrives by bike at the polling booth to cast his vote.

This is not a single tweet. Another user has also reported this to X Factor. He wrote, ‘Actor Vijay’s bicycle ride to master stroke polling booth of Tamil Nadu assembly election. This will have a direct impact on the results of the election. ‘

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