Sonu Sood said- saving lives by giving oxygen gives more happiness than earning hundred crores in a film

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> In the year 2020, when the corona epidemic spread in the country, the government had put a lockout all over the country to prevent it from growing. In this case, Sonu Sood helped by bringing lakhs of people to their homes. Sonu’s move won the hearts of the entire country. But now Sonu is gearing up to defeat Corona once again. He said that helping people in these difficult situations is more satisfying than being a part of any 100 crore film.

Saving people lives is the most enjoyable feeling – Sonu

Sonu wrote on his Twitter account that, in half, I get many support calls. And it is the greatest joy of life for me when I help them with oxygen to help needy people in bed or save their lives. No 100 crore film can make me realize this. And when people are in front of hospitals waiting for beds, we cannot sleep.


Corona helped people even when they were positive

Please tell that Sonu himself was recently found to be Corona positive. Even though he was in trouble, he was constantly working to provide facilities such as hospital beds, remediesvir injections and ventilators to people. Last year, they took people home. And now they are providing medicines. & nbsp; & nbsp;

God is guiding me – Sonu

On becoming the face of the vaccination campaign conducted by the Punjab government led by Captain Amarinder Singh, Sonu said that, I feel blessed to play any role in this massive campaign of the Punjab government. People of my kingdom. I agree that, I am the person who is playing my small part in the big plans of God. And if I am able to save the life of any person, then God has blessed him and he is guiding me to fulfill my duty.

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