Sonu Sood becomes a messiah for a one-year-old child who will have a heart operation

Mumbai: Actor Sonu Sood, who landed in a nationwide lockdown phase due to Corona, has now emerged as the messiah for a child. Actually, a one-year-old child (Ahmed) living in Nandanpura, Jhansi has a hole in his heart. On receiving the information, Sonu Sood is beginning to treat the child.

According to the information received, actor Sonu Sood received news that a couple has a one-year-old child, who has a hole in his heart and is unable to treat him due to poor financial condition. In such a situation, Sonu Sood took the responsibility of the child without any delay and is starting his treatment from April 4.

Children and relatives were called to Mumbai

It is being told that the child and family have been called by Sonu Sood to Mumbai. Nasim Majduri, a resident of Nandanpura, recently came to know that his one-year-old child Ahmed has a hole in his heart. The doctors advised him to do the operation as soon as possible but he was disappointed as his financial condition was not good. Meanwhile, Sonu Sood claimed responsibility for the baby’s operation.

Member of an organization gave information about the case to Sonu Sood

It is being told that Sushmita Gupta, a member and teacher of the institution, first got the news of the case that due to lack of money the family is not able to do the operation. After which Sushmita contacted Sonu Sood through social media, after which Sonu is now undergoing treatment for her.

According to the information received, the child’s relatives will reach Mumbai on 3 April and treatment will start from 4 April. The child’s relatives are obviously very relieved. On the other hand, let me tell you, earlier Sonu Sood had helped a one-year-old girl and had a heart operation.

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