Sonu Sood advised people to help Kovid free and doctors

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been helping workers, laborers and the needy since the lockdown of the corona virus epidemic last year. He has become the Messiah for migrant workers and laborers. He is also arranging employment for those who have returned to their villages and cities.

Not only this, Sonu Sood has been getting vaccinations in remote villages and cities for the last few days at his own expense. Sonu Sood is now proving to be more helpful to workers, poor and migrant workers than any government. He himself has contracted Corona and is coming forward to help people after recovery.

Free kovid help

Sonu Sood has now started a new initiative. Under this initiative, he will give free doctor’s advice to the people and also get the corona test done for the people sitting at home. For this, he has started an initiative called ‘Free Kovid Help’. These initiatives are being carried out by their charity foundation ‘Sood Charity Foundation’ in ‘Hailwell 24’ and ‘Krishna Diagnostic’.

See Sonu Sood’s tweet here

Free consultation with doctors

Sonu Sood has also released a toll-free number, on which doctors can consult for free. It has also released a WhatsApp number. People can also contact doctors through this. Sharing its poster on Twitter, he wrote, “You, relax. Let me handle the exam.”

Start initiative

Sonu Sood further wrote, “Hailwell is launching Free Kovid Help with 24 and Krishna Diagnostic.” Let us know that recently Sonu himself was also found to be Corona positive. Even though he was in trouble, he was constantly working to provide facilities such as hospital beds, remediesvir injections and ventilators to people. Last year, they took people home. And now they are providing medicines.

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