Shweta Tripathi shared the post COVID-19 Ordel, says my sense of taste and smell are not the same. Mirzapur actress Shweta Tripathi shares post Kovid-19 experience, talks

Bollywood actress and web series ‘Mirzapur’ fame Shweta Tripathi Sharma became infected with the corona virus last month. Although she has recovered, but she is not well. Shweta says that she has recovered physically, but her mental, taste and sense of smell are not the same as before.

In an interview to Hindustan Times, Shweta Tripathi said, “It’s been a long time since I recovered. My taste and sense of smell is not the same as before. It’s not happening. Physically, I’m fine but I’m Don’t have enough energy for a workout. “

Not as strong as before

Shweta continued, “I feel that my muscles are not as strong as before.” Shweta reveals that when she comes to know that she is Corona. He said, “It seemed like my temperature was getting too high. I felt restless and tired in a different way. I never felt it after 14 hours of shooting. In such a situation Kovid-19’s The reason I had it all. It seemed so. “

Shooting stopped

Shweta further said, “I feel good when I come home, but the next morning, when I have fever again, I decided to go in isolation and get tested. You don’t mind that you Must have stopped shooting or will be given to you. ” Must cancel but my producer understood it. “

Husband also had corona

Shweta Tripathi said, “It’s most difficult to be positive in isolation. You’re watching and studying right now. You don’t see anything like that. I was eating a lot. I talked to friends who are Corona positive . My husband is also a cheetah. A positive report a few days later. So we separated together and had no symptoms. Now, we will not see each other for two months. Because we are both shooting. “

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