Shashi Kapoor Son Karan Kapoor flopped in the film but earned a name in this field

In the film industry, everything can be achieved with hard work. But some families have had both status and dominance here for years. One of them is the Kapoor family. Whose generation is associated with the film industry. From Prithviraj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor, everyone is a part of this industry whether directly or indirectly. But there was also a love of this family whose coin was not deposited in Bollywood, but still its name is known all over the world today. He is Sharan Kapoor’s son Karan Kapoor.

Can not be famous as a father

Shashi Kapoor is a name in Hindi cinema. His beauty, superb acting, dialogue style and dance magic were all amazing. Later his son Karan Kapoor also joined the industry and appeared in films, but his magic did not impress the audience. Like his father. In 1978, she made her acting debut with the film Junoon. The special thing was that Shashi Kapoor was accompanied by his wife and two more children in this film. After this the Sultanate was formed. The film also had stars like Dharmendra, Juhi Chawla and Sunny Deol but still the film could not do. Part of a total of 5 flops, he decided to leave the industry.

Even if the magic of this Darling of Kapoor family has not gone on the silver screen, but it has earned a name in the world, know how source – social media

Left the industry, became a photographer

Eventually he left the industry. And entered the field of photography. Today he is one of the best photographers in the world. Those leading up to the exhibition. Even his photo “Old Couple” won the International Photography Award in 2009. And this picture was nominated in four more events. Today he is very happy where he is and has become a great photographer.

Married a british theater actress

Karan Kapoor is married to British theater actress Jennifer Kendall. And both have three children. While Karan chose photography in addition to films, his two siblings also chose a line outside the industry.

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