Shahnaz Gill photo on social media goes viral | Shahnaz Gill shared black and white photos, fans said

An actress from Punjab and former contestant of Bigg Boss 13, Shahnaz Gill is in the news these days for her look and new songs. She recently shared a picture on social media showing her black and white look. Shahnaz Gill is very active on social media and does not forget to keep in touch with her fans through the post. Shehnaz posted a photo in the story on her Instagram account, in which she is ashamed like a new bride, while her black and white killer style can be seen in the second photo.

Shahnaz Gill shared a photo and added a star emoji to the caption. Seeing the photo of Shahnaz Gill, a fan wrote, ‘You are looking very beautiful .. Keep shining like this’. So at the same time, another user wrote, ‘Punjab the Katrina Kaif.’ Shahnaz Gill shared this picture 11 hours ago and so far more than 6 lakh likes have been received. Fans are also praising Shehnaz. Shahnaz Gill’s upcoming film Hounsala Ash will be released on the big screen on October 15.

Let me tell you, Shahnaz Gill entered Bigg Boss season 13 and Salman Khan named him Katrina of Punjab. Beautiful Punjabi singers are known for their innocent looks and mischievous style. After coming out of Bigg Boss 13’s house, Shahnaz was seen working on several projects.

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