Salman Khan said on the controversy about Radhe in the kiss direction

Some time ago, a scene of Salman’s film ‘Radhey’ went viral on social media. In this scene, Salman is seen kissing Disha Patani. After which many people started questioning Salman. Now Salman has joked lightly with his co-actress Disha Patani amid this controversy. He has said that both of them are of the same age in the film. Let me tell you that Disha Patani is almost 27 years younger than Salman Khan.

There was a lot of discussion about Salman and Disha’s kissing scene

In fact, a kiss scene between the two was recently discussed on social media. Fans were constantly talking about this scene. Fans constantly questioned Salman about an actress kissing him at such a young age. Now Salman Khan’s reaction has come out. He jokingly said that they both look the same age in the film. Actually, during the making of the film, a short video has surfaced in which Salman is seen saying.

Salman praised the direction

During this, Salman Khan was also seen praising the work of Disha. Salman Khan said that Disha has done a wonderful job, she is looking very beautiful in the film. On the other hand, Salman also said that he is not my age in the film, but I am his age.

In the kissing scene, the tape was on Disha’s lips

Salman Khan has also admitted in the video that the tape was used on Disha’s lips during the kissing scene in the film. He said that this is being done, but a kiss is necessary in this picture. What’s on tape, on tape …

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