Salman Khan arrives on the set of The Kapil Sharma Show, and Bharti Singh arrives as Madhuri Dixit, Krishna did a lot of fun comments

The Kapil Sharma Show is being produced by Salman Khan. And he has appeared as a guest on the show several times. He was there before the release of Dabangg 3 to promote the film. He also had a lot of fun on the set with the entire cast. During this, Bharti Singh came on stage as Madhuri Dixit. She arrived dressed like Madhuri, we belong to you. But then Krishna said something that made Salman Khan’s stomach ache laughing.

Krishna made a tremendous comment

It is often seen in the show that all the actors pull each other’s legs and make people laugh a lot. When Salman Khan reached the set with the team of Dabangg 3, something similar was seen. While Salman was on stage, Bharti Singh reached Madhuri’s get-up and was entertained. Then Krishna comes to Bharati and says – Boiled Madhuri Dixit. On hearing this, everyone is forced to hold their stomach and laugh.

Salman Khan arrived at the Kapil Sharma Show with the entire team of Dabangg 3. Sonakshi Sinha, Sai Manjrekar, Prabhu Deva, Arbaaz Khan were present on the set. And in the meantime had a lot of fun. In the show, Bharti Singh came as Madhuri, while Krishna came as Jaggu Dada i.e. Jackie Shroff. And they also made a lot of noise on the set. Arriving completely in Jackie’s style, Krishna did his bidding to everyone and called Archana to his tau. No one laughed upon hearing that. Earlier in the video, Krishna was seen in Sapna’s getup and attracted a lot from Archana to the audience.

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