Salman Khan actress Chandni 30-year-old Sanam Bewafa is now away from shine

Some Bollywood films leave a deep impression on the hearts of their viewers. On the other hand, some characters of the film also make a special place in the hearts of the audience. Today we will talk about one such film that won the hearts of the audience. Sanam Bewafa, released 30 years ago in 1999, is one of Bollywood’s superhit films. Salman Khan and actress Chandni won much praise in this film. Both her performances were highly praised.

Actress Chandni received as much love as the audience gave to the film Ish. Actress Chandni is away from the glare these days though. But when she appeared in the film Sanam Bewafa 30 years ago with Salman Khan. Fans were always eager to get a glimpse of him. According to media reports, actress Chandni now teaches dance away from dancing in Orlando, Florida.

Moonlight moved to Florida after marriage
Chandni shifted to Florida after her marriage to Satish Sharma in 1994. They also have two daughters whom they have named after Bollywood actresses ‘Karishma’ and ‘Kareena’.

He has acted in these films
‘Sanam Bewafa’ gave good recognition to Chandni. She then appeared in several other films including ‘Hina’, ‘Omar 55’s Dil Bachchan Ka’, ‘Jaane Se Pyaar’ and ‘1942 A Love Story’. The film ‘Hahakaar’ was his last film. Then she suddenly disappeared from the big screen.

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