Rishi Kapoor’s death anniversary: ​​Rishi Kapoor was a fan of Chinese food, brother Randhir Kapoor shared memories on the anniversary

<पी शैली ="पाठ-संरेखित करें: औचित्य;"> In the year 2020, Bollywood received many major setbacks. This year not only did many film personalities say goodbye to the world but the year passed so badly that many veteran actors left the world prematurely. One of them was superstar Rishi Kapoor. He died on 30 April last year after a long illness. Rishi Kapoor battled cancer for a long time, after prolonged treatment abroad, he was once seen recovering from the disease, but his sudden demise triggered a wave of mourning in the film world.

Both brothers were addicted to Chinese food

The 80s superstar Rishi Kapoor has given many memorable films to the Hindi cinema world. Each of his characters will always be alive in the hearts of fans. Today on his birthday, his brother and actor Randhir Kapoor shared many memories of his past with fans.

="Text-align: justify;"”I miss Chintu very much,” he said. Randhir said in a recent interview, “Last year was a very sad time in my life.”"Text-align: justify;"> He said, “There was a general line between the two of us that I used to say sometimes. & Lsquo; Which Chinese restaurant to go to tonight & rsquo; ‘”

Randhir Kapoor recalled the old saying that if someone told us about a new Chinese restaurant, we would reach there as soon as possible. Whenever we had dinner together, we always ate Chinese food. We liked it so much that we both used to go to the Grand Maratha Hotel to eat Chinese food at one o’clock in the morning.

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