Regarding the planning of marriage with Sushmita, lover Rohan Shul said – When you get married, you will not hide. Boyfriend Roman Shaul spoke about planning a wedding with Sushmita Sen.

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen and her boyfriend Roman Shawl have been dating for a long time. The two have never spoken openly about their relationship, but their photos have gone viral on social media these days, which clearly shows how much this Love Bird loves each other. Rohman is often seen spending quality time with Sushmita and her daughters.

Rohman is like the father of Sushmita’s daughters

During a conversation with the Bombay Times, Rohman spoke openly about his marriage. Meanwhile, he said, “Sushmita, her daughters and I are already a family.” Rohman says that sometimes he feels like the father of Sushmita’s daughters, sometimes I talk to him as a friend … sometimes we get into fights. “We are enjoying this time. So we do not at all avoid such questions that you are saying marriage? Whenever we get married we will not hide it.

Talk of rubbing salt in my wounds – DO!

Rohman also spoke about the family’s reaction and Sushmita and the 15-year age gap between them. “Initially we didn’t tell my family anything,” he said. But when the photos appeared in the media, the family came to know about our relationship. Rohman says, “My family is very understanding and supports me in every decision. On the question of age difference, Rohman’s answer is,” Men need maturity because they do not mature at any age. When a strong woman comes into your life, you feel responsible. “

Becoming a star is no longer a dream

Rohman says that his life has changed completely after meeting Sushmita. They now take things more seriously. Rohman says that initially he wanted to become a star but now his attitude has changed and now he wants to take his business forward. But at the moment they want to enjoy modeling because it makes them happy. On the other hand, he says that being famous is now on his wish list.

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