Rani Mukerji advised young women coming into the industry. Rani Mukherjee gave some such advice to new commerce heroines

Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee who ruled the silver screen for 25 years with her performance. Recently, Rani has advised new young women to enter the industry about making their careers. Actress Rani has left a distinct impression on people with her performances in the film Mardaani and No One Killed Jessica. Rani Mukherjee has also faced rejection several times in her film career and has achieved this position through hard work. In a recent interview, Rani advised the new heroine to pursue a film career.

Regarding the new young women in the film industry, Rani said, “Working in the film industry is a lot harder than you think. Nothing is what the film world looks like. Often the situation is very different than you think. Once When you work and become a star, many expectations rest on you. You have to do better every time. Not only this, there are many different environments and situations to face. ‘

The queen adds, ‘In a dazzling world, there is a very different atmosphere. In this world you have to think carefully about your steps all the time. Like this industry, every situation has two aspects. It is always challenging for you. Only if you are really hardworking can you move forward in this industry. Your thinking should be correct in every way. When you come to this field. ‘

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