Ram Setu Akshay Kumar Corona Test Jacqueline Fernandez-Nusrat Bharucha Kovid-19 Separated Before Test

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has contracted Corona. He gave this information on social media. After Akshay, the staff on the set of the film also underwent a corona test, in which 45 junior actors were found to be corona positive.

The film’s creative director Ram Setu, Drs. Chandraprakash Dwivedi did the corona test as he accompanied Akshay to Mud Island. However, his Corona test report came negative. According to ET Times, the two actresses who have appeared alongside Akshay in the film have separated themselves.

Jacqueline Fernandes and Nusrat Bharucha were also shooting for the film and were seen on several occasions with Akshay Kumar. Therefore, taking preliminary precautions, he has decided to go into isolation.

45 junior artists were also found to be Corona positive

A source said, “Akshay Kumar has spoken to all the officials of Ram Setu and asked all the people working on the sets of the film to undergo the corona test. In addition, all members of the team have been asked to take care of their welfare. ‘

Significantly, there was a test of 100 junior artists working on the set, in which 45 test positives came. Akshay is also the co-producer of the film so he promised to help everyone. Although others working on the film reported that all the corona tests were done before the shooting started, it still did not happen.

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