Ram Kapoor shared a funny video praising the frontline workers about the Corona vaccine

Famous actor Ram Kapoor has received his first dose of Corona vaccine. He shared a video on Instagram. Ram Kapoor was seen crying while getting the vaccine. This video of him is going viral very fast on social media. Fans of Ram Kapoor are also reacting to this post.

While sharing the video, Ram Kapoor praised the frontline workers. She wrote, “Frontline workers are working hard day and night. Ram Kapoor is acting weeping while getting vaccinated. The video shows how she is afraid of getting vaccinated and runs away from the nurse. Around her There are also doctors who are encouraging her to get injected. This video has so far been liked by more than 80 thousand people. His wife Gautami Kapoor has also been given the Corona vaccine.

Fans also responded

Fans of Ram Kapoor have also reacted to this post. One user wrote, “The best option at this time is to be vaccinated given the Corona protocol.” Another user wrote, “Corona cases are on the rise once again in the country. So we should all come forward to get the corona vaccine.” One user praised Ram Kapoor, saying, “You start acting anytime. In times like these, you are making people laugh. It’s a big deal in itself.” Let us know that Ram Kapoor’s fans are in millions and give him lots of love. Ram Kapoor also keeps in touch with people through social media from time to time.

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