Radhika Apte Reveals Her First Period: Radhika Apte’s Revelation- The first time there was a big party at Mummy’s house, when she had periods, she said

Talking about periods in public is still a taboo. Women and men are reluctant to talk about it not only in India but also in other countries. But in the last few years people have started talking about it without hesitation. After all it is the most special part of every woman’s life and it also helps a woman to conceive.

A video of Bollywood actress Radhika Apte has surfaced. In it, she tells about her experience of her first periods. He described how his family and mother reacted when they had periods for the first time. He also said that initially he was very reluctant to buy pads from the shop.

Knew about periods

Actually, this video of Radhika Apte is about the promotion of the film ‘Padman’ in the year 2018. She was sharing her experience of her first periods at a press conference. He was also accompanied by Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor. Radhika said, “I come from a family where there are doctors. So I was told earlier that periods are about to begin. So I knew about it.”

Mother spoke for the party

Radhika continued, “But she didn’t know when it would happen. When I went home I told my mother. The day I had my first period, my mother asked me to have a party. All my family members And friends came home. ” Very well celebrated. He said that he had not cried, seeing that a lot of blood was coming out of his body.

Hesitate to buy sanitary napkins

Radhika continued, “I was also crying. Everyone came with a gift. So I was happy. Despite all this, initially I hesitated when I went to the store to get a sanitary napkin. I was surprised that One day, how did I go. And asked very strongly about the sanitary napkin so that I could overcome my hesitation. ”

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