Priyanka Chopra shared photos with her family on her Instagram handle

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has celebrated Holi with her family. He has shared these special pictures of Holi on his Instagram. While sharing the photo, Priyanka wrote, “My heartiest congratulations to all of you and my family.” In this picture, Priyanka shows Priyanka’s husband Nick Jonas and her mother. They are all painted in colors of Holi. Priyanka’s family seems very happy in these pictures. Let me tell you that even though Priyanka is living abroad, she still celebrates the Indian festival with great pomp. On the other hand, Nick and his family support him well.

In these pictures, Priyanka and her family are seen in white dress. Priyanka is wearing a hoodie with a white T-shirt. Meanwhile, Nick is also seen in Hoodie. The spray can also be seen in Priyanka’s hands. Priyanka and Nick’s fans have also reacted strongly to these pictures. These pictures are now going viral on social media.

Fans responded

People are reacting strongly to these pictures of Priyanka. Over 7 lakh people have liked this post so far. One user wrote, “Happy Holi to you and your family.” Another user wrote, “You keep laughing and smiling like that.” On the other hand, another user praised Priyanka and wrote, “You have not left Indian culture till now, it is your personal specialty.” Let us know that soon Priyanka is going to start an Indian restaurant in New York named ‘SONA’. Indians in New York are eagerly awaiting the opening of this restaurant.

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