Priyanka Chopra did no one on her Hollywood career Priyanka Chopra speaks for the first time in her Hollywood career

When Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas made her place in Hollywood, there were not enough opportunities for her entry. Priyanka wanted to change this with the power to make stories and now that she has become a producer herself, she says that as a producer she wants to make things normal for South Asians through her stories . Want to

Priyanka told IANS, “I didn’t limit myself to one place. I believe in doing what I feel in front of me. I’m doing comedy with Mindy Calling, who might be in Hollywood Is one of the most romantic. It will be one of the comedy films you’ll find of all the South Asian actors. I don’t remember the last time it happened so it’s very exciting for me. I wanted this thing. “

He said, “When I started working here, no one left a path for me, but the opportunities are very limited in Hollywood for South Asians or people who look like me. I wanted to be a producer. Offers a lot of opportunities. “

Priyanka also said, “I am also doing a reality show, in which almost all communities, castes will celebrate music. In this I am working to take Indian music to the global stage.”

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