Pooja Maneck Contractor with Pooja Bedi Goes Viral on Social Media Spending Quality Time in Goa Video

Corona cases are increasing rapidly across the country. In such a situation, actor Pooja Beda is spending quality time with her fiancé Manek Contractor. Pooja and Manek are currently in Gowar and enjoying the waves of the sea. The actor has shared a video on his Twitter account. Pooja has also shared her experience through this video.

Pooja Bedi wrote on Twitter, ‘Happy to healthy, Happy Goa. Free your mind to live life is life. Don’t stay in the cage and mask, after living with the virus for a year, it’s clear that it’s not going anywhere right now. If you die years later after a mask / lockdown, who would you regret the most? ‘

Pooja is not a happy place in the video. In the video, he can be clearly heard saying, ‘Happiness to be in Goa.’ She is completely in love with Manek and affectionately calls him ‘My Baby’.

Sharing another video, Pooja wrote, ‘I like Goa. There are many reasons to like Goa – the warmth of the outdoors, the local people, the fabulous food, the sunshine and my health and wellness business is also in Goa. ‘

Let me tell you that Pooja Bedi is the mother of actress Alaa Farnihalwala. Alaya made her Bollywood debut with the film Jawani Jaan last year. Talking about her mother, Alaaya had said that she had transferred some of her freedom to Alaia. Along with this, Pooja gave Alia many tips for marriage. Pooja advised Alia not to marry before 30 years.

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