Pankaj Tripathi gave the best scenes in every role of his film from Fukrey to Mirzapur.

Pankaj Tripathi was first seen in Fukrey. Pankaj played a very interesting role in the role of Panditji. Which was quite liked. On the other hand, when Fukrey returned, Pandit ji became even more overwhelmed. On the other hand, this sequence of Fukrey started in such a way that today it is not taking the name of stoppage. After this, whatever film Pankaj Tripathi showed will be overseen. His performances in films such as Lukachhipi, Stree were not only appreciated, but also proved to be strong pillars of the film.

From laughing to scaring, Pankaj Tripathi is very popular

It is the hallmark of a great actor that he is engrossed in whatever role he is given and Pankaj specializes in this art. She played all the roles given to her on screen from laughter to scare and that is why she is ruling not only Mirzapur but every heart. Let us show him a glimpse of his best acting.

Artist associated with Mati is Pankaj Tripathi

Some artists are associated with clay, no matter how tall they are, their roots remain attached to the ground. Pankaj is an artist from the same soil. That’s why every character played by him seems alive. In an interview, he himself admitted that the roles he played were related to his life or he had a special relationship. That is when his characters not only touch the hearts but also settle in the hearts. Mirzapur did the most work to brighten the image of Pankaj Tripathi. In this series, the audience got to see a different Pankaj. Which he also liked very much.

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