Palghar Sadhu Lynching Short Film Released on You Tube April 16 Sangar The Massacre A.N.

Mumbai: On April 16, 2020, during the lockout, two sadhus were beaten to death by a frantic mob in the village of Palghar area adjoining Mumbai while going to the funeral pyre. Inspired by the incident which has enraged people across the country, a short film has been made in which Puneet Issar will appear in the lead role in the guise of a monk.

The short film is titled ‘Sanhar: The Massacre’, directed by Puneet Issar’s son Siddharth Issar. It is noteworthy that this short film will be released on a YouTube channel on April 16, 2021, the first anniversary of the Palghar Sadhu massacre. Talking to ABP News about the film, actor Puneet Issar said, ‘What was wrong with those two saints? Why was he beaten up like this in the presence of the police? ‘

Thought strategy

Puneet Issar does not believe that the killing of another 70 and 35-year-old monk in Palghar was the result of a rumor spreading among the villagers. He says, “Under a well thought out strategy, both monks were killed. This short film is made to highlight the conspiracy behind these murders of saints, so that the world can know about the truth of this massacre. ‘

Siddhant, son of the director of Puneet Issar, told ABP News, ‘When these sadhus were brutally murdered in Palghar, no one took out the candlelight march and no one vehemently opposed it. This bothered me a lot, so I decided to create ‘Sanhar: The Massacre’.

Puneet Issar said that there has been a long tradition of good works done by sadhus in this country for centuries and ignoring the glorious history of sadhus and killing sadhus in this way was a very shameful event. Puneet Issar told ABP News that the film not only raises its voice against the cruelty shown to the saints, but also strongly opposes the tradition of cow slaughter by emphasizing cow protection in this film.

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