Nora Fatehi made garmies in two songs only, watch video only

Nora Fatehi has danced to more than one song in her dance career. One of these songs is High Garmi from the movie Street Dancer 3D in which Nora performed such dance moves with Varun Dhawan that the audience just kept watching. Looking at the video of the song’s production, it is clear how hard it must have been to make this song.

The song was shot on set by the entire crew, stars and choreographers. It was not easy to do the signature step while lying on the floor in the song and had to practice a lot while watching it.

Nora Fatehi took a hard step to the song High Garmi in just two takes, applause was heard on the set.

Seeing his move, people were forced to clap on the set. Cute bonding with Nora co-actor Varun Dhawan was also seen in the making video. When Varun was seen teasing and harassing her, Nora was also seen giving fun responses to him. The director of this film was Remo D’Souza. Apart from Varun Dhawan and Nora Fatehi, the film also had Shraddha Kapoor in the lead role.

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