Nora Fatehi danced and showed such moves on the beach that the fans were surprised.

Looking at Nora Fatehi, it is unclear whether Nora is made for dance or for Nora. This is because Nora dances from the heart. That’s why people forget to blink an eye when she dances. We have one such video of the best dancer Nora in which she is seen doing fantastic dance moves along the seashore. In fact, the collage video is created by combining shots from various videos of Nora.

Nora glimpsed belly dance

In this video, Nora is seen dancing in a different style. Sometimes she is dancing like a child in a fun mood and sometimes she is seen dancing with other people. Nora, who specializes in belly dance, is also showing tremendous moves in this dance style. If you haven’t seen this video yet, don’t miss this chance.

Nora specializes in many dance styles

Nora is a very talented dancer. Since Nora loves dancing since childhood, she has learned different dancing styles. She specializes in belly dance and has flashed it on several occasions. In fact, Nora Fatehi’s family is Arab, her parents are from Morocco, so she learned traditional belly dancing there. In addition, Nora tries to learn new types of dances whenever she gets the chance. She currently wants to learn Indian classical dance. Nora Fatehi also performed a semi-classical dance in her last release song Chod Dege. Which was quite liked.

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