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When Nora Fatehi came to India, hardly anyone knew her, but the dream with which she came to India, she just went in the same direction. After years of hard work, waiting in line for hours and rejecting thousands, when Nora had a chance, they did not let her go. The opportunity was to dance to the Dilbar Song in the film Satyamev Jayate. Although she appeared in a hit song of Bahubali before this song, she got her real identity from Dilbar Song. Nora has occasionally performed amazing dances on stage in films, so people watch her dance videos with great enthusiasm. So let’s show you some of Nora’s best dance videos

Nora Fatehi Dance Video

Everyone knows that Nora has many dance forms and one of them is the belly dance. Nora performs amazing belly dancing and this has been seen in many songs and videos. Nora Fatehi gave such a great performance that you will not be able to blink your eyelashes.

Nora has made a splash not only with the songs Dilbar, but also with many other songs. One of them is a short life song. Nora deserves less praise in this song. Actually Nora herself has recreated this song many times. Just look at Nora’s style in this video.

Nora’s Summer Song released last year was liked by all. Especially his hook move which was very difficult but very popular. In this video, Nora is seen alongside choreographer Aviz Darbar. And both have actually increased mercury.

How can it be that Nora is mentioned and Dilbar’s song is not mentioned. Now this song is so powerful that Nora’s dance puts a full moon on it. So just look at Nora’s Dilwale songs.

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