Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis Sizzling Dance on Bhegi Bheegi Rathon

Talking about Bollywood’s hottest and happening actresses, Nora Fatehi’s name currently comes at the top. The specialty of Nora is that whether she is Indian or Western, she plays every dance well and wins the hearts of all. Today we are going to show you a similar video in which Nora played a retro Bollywood song in such a way that people pressed their toes when they saw her hanging shock.

In fact, last year Nora Fatehi was made the judge of India’s best dancers for some time. In a short time, he has made his mark as a judge among the audience and he is an expert in dance. Judge Bunny Nora, along with another judge, Terence Lewis, intoxicated everyone with his melodious performance on wet nights.

Nora Fatehi: It seems that you are making me a cloud by soaking my body.

Nora was seen in glamorous moves. The special thing is that Nora and Terence’s chemistry looked very sizzling and everyone present on the show was surprised to see their dance. The mind-blowing performance of Nora and Terence was choreographed by choreographer Geeta Kapoor who is also the third judge of the show.

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