Mohit Malik actress Aditi Malik shared the image of the new born baby on Instagram, thanking fans for the positive energy. A picture of Aditi and Mohit Malik’s son came out, the actor told all the fans

Popular TV duo Aditi and Mohit Malik have recently become parents. The two have now shared a picture of their son with fans. Fans are also liking these photos shared by both. However, the picture shared by Aditi is quite blurred. Both of them have thanked their fans from the bottom of their hearts. Mohit’s happiness can also be seen clearly in the picture.

Aditi shared the photo and wrote, ‘Your blessings and prayers are precious. Thanks to everyone who sent a little positivity. It is like the realization of our dream. It was a dream that has not come true yet. Thank you Universe. ‘

Actor Mohit Malik has also written a similar caption, sharing the picture. The actor wrote, ‘My world has changed. And you were my little miracle behind this spell. Thank you to all those who have sent their prayers and love. I will be grateful for all the positivity coming from our little one. ‘

A few days ago, Aditi also shared a picture. In this picture, his son was holding the finger of his father i.e. Mohit Malik. He shared the photo and wrote, ‘Dear Universe, thanks for your prayers. Midnight cries and it all came with him because we are so happy that we welcomed our young child into this world. They are here and they are truly magical. ‘

Earlier in an interview to Bombay Times, Mohit Malik shared this news. He had said, ‘I was shooting so Aditi informed me about this. He had said that I am positive so for a short time I was upset because I thought Corona was positive, but he smiled and said that she was pregnant. It took me two days to believe this news. ‘

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