Meijan Jafri Bollywood career on Javed Jafri | Javed Jaffrey talks about his son Mizan

Javed Javeri has carved a reputation as a multi-talented artist with his various skills such as acting, dancing, dubbing, judging and voiceover. However, he says that his son Mizan’s focus is solely on becoming a star actor. Javed told the media, “Mizan is very focused and his focus is only on becoming a star actor. He is doing his best. Now the game is also changing due to OTT. At the same time nowadays kids are very much focused Are and they understand. Business. I’ve told him that everything is fine as long as you keep your feet on the ground and act politely. “

Mijan made her acting debut in 2019 with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s production film ‘Malal’ and will now appear in the Priyadarshan-directed film ‘Hangama 2’.

Regarding the concept of ‘Actor Star Actor’, Javed said that he feels that his son has the ability to get there. He said, “I think his personality is great and he has got a great opportunity to come on screen, which is very important. There are actors, stars and then star actors. Sometimes actors are left behind because of stars . Stay. But there are star actors like Bachchan or Dilip Sahab who are evergreen. I think even though he is new, he has the ability. His eyes are such that he speaks and his voice is good too. Many There are people who are interested in what is shown. “

Javed says that as a father he has given Mizan a basis that is important. He says, “I can give him the foundation, values, ethics, principles of how he should be in his life and that is very important to me. I did my job and money and fame are things that will come and go.”

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