Manoj Muntashir apologizes for mistake regarding Shammi Kapoor in Indian Idol 12

Lyricist and screenwriter Manoj Muntashir has apologized for a factual mistake in the latest episode of the singing reality show ‘Indian Idol 12’. He joined the show as a guest. He spoke about his relationship with Shammi Kapoor and his late wife and actress Geeta Bali.

Manoj Muntashir told a story on the show that Shammi Kapoor had applied lipstick to Geeta Bali instead of applying sindoor during the wedding. After this many people misinterpreted this fact. He then made a tweet apologizing to the people and correcting his mistake.

The fan makes a mistake

Manoj wrote in his tweet, “Like all of you dear people, I am also a big fan of Indian cinema. Sometimes fans make mistakes even when they don’t want to.” I apologize. I am. Shammi ji married Neela Devi after Geeta Bali ji’s death. “

Watch Manoj Muntashir’s tweet here

Married like this

Shammi Kapoor said about his autobiography ‘Shammi Kapoor: The Game Changer’, “When we reached the temple in the morning, Geeta was in her salwar-kameez and I was in a kurta pajama. There were only cats and dogs. Walia The only witness was. The priest started the puja for marriage and we became husband and wife with seven rounds. Geeta took out lipstick from her purse and asked to fill the vermilion in demand. “

Never remarried

Actually, Manoj had said in the show that Shammi Kapoor has not remarried but the truth is that he was married. In 1969, Geeta married Neela Devi four years after Bali’s death and Neela died in 2011.

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